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Programme 2018

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Programme 2017

Thursday, 29 June, 8.30 pm, Vila Vipolže
– Jani Kovačič and Ana Pupedan, concert, rock music
– Rudi Bučar, concert, Istrian music
– Glorjana Veber, poetry reading

Friday, 30 June, 8.30 pm, Vila Vipolže
– Klemen Klemen, concert, rap music
– Tamara Obrovac, concert, Istrian music
– Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, stand-up comedian
– Milan Rakovec, poetry reading
– Jure Vuga, poetry reading

Forum Sanje, 5.00 pm, Vila Vipolže
– Karel Gržan, talk and discussion on archaic finds in Slovenian Styria (in Slovene)

Saturday, 1 July, 8.30 pm, Vila Vipolže
– Zaničniško odmaševanje suverenosti by Andrej Rozman Roza, musical
– Greetings from Svetlana Makarovič: Tomaž Mihelič and Janja Majzelj, concert
– Ensemble Ankaran, concert
– Marko Tomaš, poetry reading
– Anja Golob, poetry reading

Forum Sanje, 5.00 pm, Vila Vipolže
– Pavel Medvešček, talk and discussion on old Slovenian mythology and beliefs (in Slovene)

Saturday, 1 July, Šmartno
Free entry

Pre-sales: day pass 12€, festival pass 25€
During the festival: day pass 15€, festival pass 30€
Forum Sanje ticket 3 €
Free entry: children up to 16 years
Festival pass is valid all three days of the festival with concerts (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
Ticket sales: mojekarte.si
During the festival: at the venue

Ticket brings you 4 € discount with the purchase of books.

The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event programme.

Programme 2016

Thursday, 30 June (Šmartno)
18.00 Opening the exhibition “Seeking Humanity”
18.15 Poetry against War, reading poetry of forgotten poets and people

Thursday, 30 June (Dobrovo)
21.00 Milan Jesih and Katja Perat, poetry reading
21.45 Poetry against War, reading poetry of forgotten poets and people
22.15 Katja Šulc: Kamlisajlan, concert, Roma music

Friday, 1 July (Vipolže)
21.00 Svetlana Makarovič, Zlatko Kaučič: Horror Mundi, concert
22.00 Vlado Škafar, poet and a film director, talk with the author
22.30 MAMA, film projection (directed by Vlado Škafar)

Saturday, 2 July (Šmartno) – KIDS PROGRAMME*
10.00 Tonček & Jacqueline (25′), performance by Paralelepiped
11.00 Straight from the Streets (35′), performance by Šugla Theater
12.00 Tjaša Koprivec, storytelling
13.30 Patricija Peršolja, storytelling
14.30 Sara Evelyn Brown: The Firebird, storytelling

Saturday, 2 July (Medana)
20.30 Literary evening with winners of Župančičeva frulica award (poetry award for children and youth)
21.00 Sofya-Agnessa Yakuntsova, violin concert and poetry reading
21.45 Tina Kozin, Veno Taufer and Svetlana Slapšak, poetry reading
22.30 Poetry against War, reading poetry of forgotten poets and people
22.45 Lara Jankovič: Stories Written on the Skin, chanson concert

Sunday, 3 July (Vipolže)*
12.00 Forum Sanje: The Truth about Media in the Times of Lies, discussion

*Free entry

day pass 7€, festival pass 15€
Free entry: children up to 12 years and elders above 80
Ticket sales: at the venue

In the case of rain the event will most likely be moved to the terrace of the Dobrovo Castle. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event programme.

Programme 2015

Friday, 21 August (Ljubljana)
19.00 World Histeria Orchestra: concert with a parade

Wednesday, 26 August (Šmartno)
19.00 Jana Kocjan and Andrej Jus, illustration exhibition opening, interview with a poet*
19.30 Teater Papelito, Totem, street paper puppet performance*
20.00 Tjaša Koprivec, storytelling for (grown-up) children*
21.00 Bojan Drobež, guitar concert*

Thursday, 27 August (Šmartno-Š, Dobrovo-D)
19.00 Vid Sever, Kamishibai, Japan paper theatre (Š)*
20.00 Ivo Svetina, poetry reading (D)
20.30 Veronika Dintinjana, poetry reading (D)
21.00 Tina Kozin, poetry reading (D)
21.30 Rok Vilčnik, poetry reading (D)
22.00 Patetico, concert (D)

Friday, 28 August (Vipolže-V, Šmartno-Š, Medana-M)
11.30-13.30 Forum Sanje, discussion (V)*
18.00 Mojca Stubelj Ars, Moon Fairy Tale (Š)*
20.00 Marko Tomaš, poetry reading (M)
20.30 Miklavž Komelj, poetry reading (M)
21.00 Drajnarjuva vampa, concert (M)
21.30 Simona Kopinšek, poetry reading (M)
22.00 Janez Ramoveš, poetry reading (M)
22.30 Uršula Ramoveš in Fantje z Jazbecove grape, concert (M)

Saturday, 29 August (Vipolže, Šmartno, Dobrovo)
11.30-13.30 Forum Sanje, discussion (V)*
18.00 Ti loviš!, puppet performance by Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Š)*
19.00 Rok Kušlan, storytelling for children (Š)*
20.00 Svetlana Makarovič with guests, Šansoni, concert (D)

*Free entry

day pass 10€, festival pass 18€
During the festival:
day pass 13€, festival pass 23€

Festival pass is valid all three days of the festival with concerts (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
Free entry: children up to 12 years and above 80
Free events: World Histeria Orchestra concert, Forum Sanje and all events at Šmartno

www.eventim.si and Eventim sales offices
During the festival: at the venue
No. of tickets is limited.

Order your transport to Medana from Ljubljana or other cities in Slovenia! Info: potep@sanje.si

In the case of rain the event will most likely be moved to the terrace of the Dobrovo Castle. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event programme.

About the festival

As Sanje Publishing House was founded in 1997, it immediately set about working on international projects with major international cultural players. Its activities intensified gradually, particularly based on its Sanje Festival, which has been integrating literature and other artistic genres since 2002.

The fundamental element of the festival being literature, the organisers have been trying to bring literature and the book closer to the public. Considering the growing number of people attending the readings of both emerging and established authors, it can be said that the festival serves as a successful platform to do so.

The festival was originally rooted in Ljubljana, however, an ambition developed through the years to transform it into a wider platform. In recent years, the festival has been opening to other locations, which resulted in several festival editions across Slovenia, sometimes organised by Sanje, sometimes integrating external co-organisers.

The initiative also appeared to make the festival a world scale platform. 2008 was the breakthrough year, as arrangements were made with partners in Burkina Faso. The programme of Sanje Festival 2008 thus incorporated a regular radio children programme in Burkina Faso – fairy tales narrated on air three times a week. This being the first children programme in this African country, it was also a considerable achievement in the local context. A few years ago the festival also hosted the first European exhibition of photographs by the Tuareg photographer Mohamed Souleyman (Niger).

In the past two years, the festival also featured several international collaborations, particularly with the neighbouring countries. The 2009 edition saw the appearance of several Croatian singers-songwriters within the series “Fight Schengen with music” (Nina Romić, Voland Le Mat, Ivan Vragolovich), which not only reminded of our weak awareness of excellent musicians in our vicinity, but also helped create close ties with them. In 2010, the cooperation was maintained and upgraded, leading to talks for further joint projects. Moreover, the 2010 edition also featured guest appearances from Macedonia (King Naat Veliov & Original Kočani Orkestar), Austria (Kein Schöner Rand), Spain (Manuel Manzano), Great Britain (Tom Muir & Lawrence Tulloch), and the international world-music project Ethno in Transit.

Another important project that was partly developed within the Festival has to do with one of the most charming Slovenian children tales – Little Sleepy Star. First it was published in Slovenian as a picture book. Then the initiative appeared to organise an exhibition, which was realised at the 2008 edition of the festival. As the festival held in Ljubljana city centre aimed at an international audience, the tale was translated into several languages and recorded as an audio book. The recordings kept playing in a continuous loop throughout the festival to accompany the exhibition. This then led to the book being published in several languages, so that in 2011, when the festival is immersed in the cooperation project, it will be available in the languages of all partner countries.

Sanje being a Publishing House, there are naturally several international publishing projects to be mentioned. The organisation has always sought to bring the most exceptional writers closer to Slovenian audiences. This was done not only by publishing book translations, but also by accompanying projects providing them with added value.

Despite being a publishing house, Sanje clearly is an interdisciplinary organisation. It is our major objective to bring together the most excellent examples of various artistic genres coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and create added value for everybody involved. Undoubtedly, this is what European cultural players should seek to achieve.